Crashing Effect of Pre-workout

pwo crash

Do you remember the first time you ever took a pre workout supplement? Was it Jack3d, NoXplode, Craze, Superpump? Whichever one it was, there’s a good chance you can train like an animal and it makes you feel high, happy and invincible all at the same time.You are amazed by it and telling all your friends that you’ve just discovered the best supplement in the world.
And then what happened?
One day it just didn’t feel the same effect anymore
You took your usual 1 scoop, waited a few minutes and then .. A little bit of a buzz but certainly not the feeling like you used to get.
So next day you went to 2 scoops
And for some of you, even 3 scoops or more
And then came the crash…

So Why You Crash?

Most pre workout supplements contain a high dose of caffeine and some even contain extra stimulants such as geranium extract or 1,3 dimethylamylamine which is so strong that is has been compared to the drug “speed” and is officially a banned substance for professional athletes.

When you consume stimulants a message is sent to the brain to allow the release of adrenalin into the blood stream. Adrenalin is a ‘flight or fight’ hormone that prepares the body to react to a threat. It increases your heart and breathing rates, dilates the pupils and increases blood flow to the muscles. Ideally this adrenalin release happens very occasionally during times of great physical stress.

However, when we consume excessive amounts of caffeine we promote a sustained adrenalin response, which exhausts the adrenal glands.However, only so much adrenalin can be produce each day. As a result, these glands are unable to produce even the small amounts of adrenalin required to help us maintain focus and concentration, which in turn creates feelings of physical fatigue and malaise that we known as “Pre-workout crashing effect”.

How Do We Prevent Pre-workout Crash?

“Cycle” your pre-workouts.
Doing a “cycle” simply means a short period of time lasting 4 to 6 weeks.
By taking your pre workout supplements for 4 to 6 weeks and then completing a 1 week break where you take in almost no stimulants you will allow your body to recover and resensitive adrenalin receptors.
In this one week off you need to use some self discipline: No energy drinks, no pre workouts, no thermogenics, nothing with caffeine whatsoever.
For certain individuals, this situation may leads to withdrawal symptpoms such as headaches, anxiety, low energy levels and bad moods.

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