About Us

Who are we?
“SHOPISUPPLEMENTS” is a short form for “Shopping @ iSupplements” is a Singapore-registered company specializing in distribution of sport and health supplements. We started in July 2012 with small scales distribution for our friends and gym goers who needs affordable yet reliable source of supplements. As our customers base grows, and with continues demands and strong supports our company was finally founded and registered one year later on June 2013.
From supports of our customers lead to where we are today, SHOPISUPPLEMENTS’s main aim is to give the best back to them. We are constantly striving to source for highest quality products yet affordable. As our nature of business mostly concentrate online enables us to provide prices at competitive and affordable rates.
We like to welcome you to join for our wonderful shopping experience.
FB Page: www.facebook.com/Shopisupplements 
Why buy from us?
Our distributors/suppliers
We are proud retailers of international brands of sport and health supplements such as BSN, MUSCLETECH, OPTIMUM NUTRITION, DYMATIZE,PHARMAFREAK,MUSCLEPHARM and accessories brand such as SMART SHAKE. All these brands carries product such as whey protein, protein bars, pre workout, multi vitamins and so on!
Contact us
Email: sales@shopisupplements.com
Contact: (65)  9090 5806 , 90905854
How to Order? Choose from either option below.
  1. Visit and order online at www.shopisupplements.com. by adding item(s) to cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. SMS or Whatsapp your order to 9090 5806/90905854 including your name, address, email, item and quantity.
  3. Call us to place your order.
Method of payments
Currently we are only operated and delivery in Singapore but our website is accessible internationally. Our credit/debit card payment by PayPal accept local and international card. For bank transfer and Cash on Delivery, we accept only Singapore dollar.

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